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  • How much variety will my toddler get?
    Each snack contains at least three different foods, and lunch contains at least four, one of which will be an "entrée" as well as a juice. Likewise, each food item will not be included more than once throughout the day, for example they will not be having the same fruit at lunch that they had in their morning snack. This way, even if your toddler doesn't like one of the items they will have plenty of other options to choose from at each snack/meal, and throughout their day. Visit the "Foods" page for some examples.
  • Will I receive advance meal plans, or know what my toddler eats each day?
    Our ingredients are full of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, and chosen based on seasonal availability. Therefore, you will not receive advanced meal plans. Photos of snacks and meals will be posted regularly to our Instagram (although your child may not receive that exact option that is posted.) You can also view sample menus on our "Foods" page.
  • What are the portion sizes?
    Portion sizes of each item will be appropriate to your child's age. However, given that there are a variety of options for each snack/meal, it is likely your toddler may not finish everything unless they have an especially large appetite. (As you may have discovered, sometimes toddlers eat everything in sight, other times they eat only a couple bites.)
  • Are drinks included?
    Lunches include an "honest" juice box or a bottle of milk if your child drinks milk before their nap. If your child does drink milk (as indicated by you on their profile) we will reach out to find out how much milk per day, and arrange for you to provide us with two days worth of bottles and lids so that we can include milk with their meal plan. If you would like us to pack a water bottle each day for your child (as indicated by you on their profile) you will need to provide us with two of their preferred water bottles.
  • What about foods that require cooling and heating?
    All foods that require cooling will be packed appropriately with cooling packs. All foods requiring heating will be packed in microwave safe borosilicate glass containers and labeled for daycare staff.
  • What if my child has dietary restrictions or allergies?
    Please note any dietary restrictions, allergies, or preferences on your child's information form on the website when you sign up. We do our best to accommodate all needs, but if you are concerned and would like to discuss before subscribing please reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of the website. Please understand that some dietary restrictions may not be possible for us to accommodate, or may require an extra fee. If we have any questions or concerns we will contact you.
  • What about lunchboxes, containers, bottles, labeling etc.?
    Everything is packed in reusable lunchboxes and food-safe containers and labeled with your child's name for daycare. Please do not bring home your child's lunchbox at the end of the day, just take their daily care sheet and any personal items, and we will pick up the lunchbox and containers to wash and use the next day. (If we pickup their lunchbox before you arrive we will leave their care sheet and any personal items in their cubby for you.)
  • Once I subscribe, when will service begin?
    Service will begin "the Monday after next" once we receive payment and caregiver and child information. For example, if you sign up on Thursday their service will begin the Monday approximately 10 days later. This delay is to allow us to review your child's needs, go shopping, and label their lunchboxes and containers. Once you subscribe you will receive a welcome email confirming your information and start date.
  • What if daycare is closed, or we go on vacation, or my child is sick, etc?
    In the case of a scheduled daycare holiday, or if you provide us with at least two weeks advance notice of a scheduled absence. If the scheduled absence is for a full week you will not be charged for that week, and if it is for less than a week you will receive a refund for missed days. Refunds will be processed 3-5 business days after the payment for that week clears. (Due to limitations of the website it is not possible for us to bill a partial week.) Similarly, no more than 2 weeks per year, we will be closed and not providing meal service. (This is a one-mom show, and sometimes this one mom needs to take a small break.) At least two weeks advance notice will be provided, and payment will be suspended for that week. Refunds will not be provided for unplanned events such as illness or daycare closing for bad weather.
  • How will we communicate with you?
    When you subscribe you will be sent a welcome email with our direct contact information. You can reach out to us with that information, or via the contact form at the bottom of the website. We will also receive any updates you make to your caregiver or child information on the website. If we ever need to contact you regarding your child's meal service we will send emails and text messages to all listed caregivers.
  • How do I cancel?
    We request that you contact us to arrange for cancelation at least two weeks in advance, as we have already planned and purchased ingredients for your child. As billing is done in advance of service you will not receive a bill during the final week of service. Should you wish to cancel effective immediately, you can do so via your "my subscriptions" page at any time. When you cancel service without notice service will stop immediately, but as planning and purchasing ingredients are done in advance, we are unable to provide any refund on payment(s) you have made for the current or upcoming week.
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