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How It Started

As a first time mom, when my firstborn was about to turn one, stop drinking formula, and start getting his nutrition from meals and snacks, I panicked. I didn't know how much toddlers eat. I didn't know what ratio of fats, protein. carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables they needed each day. I didn't know how to cut each of the foods so my toddler could safely eat them.

I knew I wanted to provide healthy fresh foods that were organic and free of hormones and unnecessary additives, but I didn't realize how much vetting was needed, and how many stores I had to shop at, to find brands that aligned with my values. I also didn't realize how much time and energy it took to each day prepare and pack lunches and snacks that were full of variety and organized the way daycare needed them to be.


Add to all of that the worried mom-brain saying, what if toddler decides he, "doesn't like strawberries on Tuesday, and then he won't have a big enough snack to keep him full until lunch?" Which resulted in even more shopping and prep time to make bento boxes with multiple options for each snack and meal. No, I'm not kidding, that is me. 

As a working parent I was spending time I didn't have in order to learn all of these nutritional things, shop for quality ingredients at multiple stores, prepare snacks and meals for daycare each day so the fruits and vegetables would be fresh, and to divide, label, and pack everything for daycare. I realized we cannot be the only family who is overwhelmed by information, short on time, but still unwilling to compromise on our toddlers nutrition and variety. Thus, Toddler Tummy Yummies was born.

Since then I have taken a Stanford course in youth nutrition, received food licensing certification, etc etc. 

Now I can offer you the convenience of not worrying about food at daycare, the confidence that your toddler is getting fresh, well-rounded, nutritious snacks and meals, with all of the best quality ingredients, and with plenty of variety so that even on an "I don't like strawberries Tuesday" they will have options to choose from.

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