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Fresh, Healthy, and Convenient Meals Delivered to Your Toddler at Daycare

How It Works

Simply sign up for a weekly subscription of healthy, well balanced, fresh snacks and meals delivered to your child's Cook's Academy daycare room each morning. A variety of foods will be included for each meal, and throughout each day, ensuring your child will have a balanced diet and foods they like (even on a picky day.) 

Choose from different subscription options depending on how many days per week, and how many snacks and meals you would like included. Fill out a profile where you can designate any special dietary needs or preferences. (You can review the "Foods" page to see an up to date selection of potential foods.) If your child needs milk bottles or you would like us to pack their water bottle each day, that can be arranged as well.

Plan Options

Plans start at $60 per week, and are customized to fit your family's needs.



Choose between a 3, 4 or 5 day per week plan to meet your budget and scheduling needs.



Standard plans come with two snacks and a lunch, or if you prefer you can opt for just lunch .



Create a profile to provide us with caregiver contact information and child dietary and delivery information.

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